Culture Shock 2011!

Bringing Malaysian Culture to Others

Salam Aidilfitri!

Malaysian Student of University of Illinois

Selamat Hari Raya!

Maaf Zahir Batin =)

Welcoming all students back to U of I

Have a great year!

Graduation BBQ 2011

Graduation BBQ

Malaysian Graduation Night

Happy Graduating! Congratulation Seniors!

Malaysian Cultural Exhibition 2011

We love Malaysian traditional games!

Malaysian Cultural Exhibition 2011

Proud being Malaysians!

Ballin' With The Willin'

Congratulation to the winning team. Most importantly, thank you so much to all participating and attending members! You guys rock!

CNY Dinner

Chinese New Year dinner at Mandarin Wok. Thanks everyone for coming!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween : Night at The Office

On October 29th, about 40 of MaSa members gathered at AACC to celebrate Halloween! Boo! It has became an annual event among MaSa members in UIUC. The objective of having this celebration is to expose a bit of the vast american cultures to MaSa members. This event received a good respond from the members as many people turned up in their own interesting costume.

We played "Mummy Wrap Game" where each group had to use toilet rolls to wrap one representative nicely; that is to make he/she looks like a "Mummy". The funny part was the Mummies were then asked to dance to the "Party Rock Anthem" song. We came out with two awards for this game which are "The Best Wrapped Mummy" and "The Best Dancing Mummy".

The fun did not stop there, we then had everyone to participate in a sketch competition. Every group had to perform a short sketch using all the characters in their group. Within 15 minutes, the three groups managed to create great and hilarious sketches and they were judged by Kak Azwin, Kak Syeda, Dzelda and Rapik. Andrew's team won the competition (yes, they were awesome!).

The event was a success as everybody seemed to have a wonderful time throughout the event. Once again, thank you for your participation! =)

aliaa's jelly brain

puteri berendam (eyeballs version)

the five handsome vampires and the princess

looking all good!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hardy's Reindeer Ranch Visit

A visit to Hardy's Reindeer Ranch was made on October 22nd 2011. It took us around half an hour to get to the ranch which is in Rantoul, IL. There was a group of us who decided to give the visit a shot after hearing about their amazing corn maze. It was not that bad at all as we had fun going through the corn maze. The mission was to find all the checkpoints in the corn maze. The confusion came as we were left by the last few checkpoints as we tend to found the same checkpoints again and again. Some of us ask around as to survive the maze. Some of us just keep going with patience.

The ranch.

The crazy maze.

The reindeer.
In the cornmaze.

All in all, it was fun visiting the ranch and seeing the reindeer which has large antlers. Here's their website.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AIESEC Global Village

On October 16th, we proudly join the annual Global Village organized by AIESEC UIUC. As just like previous years, MaSA try to showcase Malaysian cultures to the campus community through performance, food, and games.

This year we decided to form a management team that help us with all the preparation for the Global Village. Shout out to (left to right) Shing Hue, Ronald, Shao Shen, Chye Hong, and Fera!

Amazing 'kuih' from Andrew and Sya.

Tarian Magunatip by Aliaa, Hanis, Fera, Sya, Azwan, Haikal, Izzat, and Jabbar.

The day end with wide smile from everyone that stop at our booth and good job everyone!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

MaSA Homecoming Tailgate 2011

Starting from October 2010 which was marked as the 100th anniversary of the Illinois Homecoming, MaSA began to join the American-Illinois tradition of having a tailgate party during the homecoming weekend.

The Tailgate party was held on the 1st of October 2011, within the vicinity of the Research Park area, a few blocks away from the Memorial Stadium.

Although it was held from 9am until the game between Northwestern and Illinois started (we won by the way :D) which can be considered still early in the morning during the weekend, it did not hinder us to project our Illinois spirit and give support to our beloved ILLINI FOOTBALL team while hanging out with our beloved MaSA members.

The pictures below depict our spirit and enthusiasm :)
Even the cute Ayman wanna play the football :D

The mysterious chef, guess who is this?

The Illinois football player wanna-be !!!

Our beloved MaSA members :) :) :) Let's do this again NEXT YEAR!!!
Thanks for coming guys!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


On September 24th, Illini Union Board(IUB) organized a Culture Shock exhibition where the event aimed to showcase many cultures by having fun activities such as free food, dancing and other out-of-the-ordinary displays games and events. We, Malaysian Students Association as a representative of Malaysia here in UIUC proudly participate and did our best to show the world everything about Malaysia!

Event Director, Azwin Aksan.

"Wherever you travel, you are an ambassador for your country." With the slogan close to our heart, we like to show the world what is the true meaning of Malaysian Hospitality.

We teach them how to play Congkak!

We teach them how to play Sepak Takraw!

We teach them how to dance to Ngajat Tampi!

We teach them how to speak Malay!

It was a great day, we managed to introduce Malaysia to people who never heard of Malaysia before and now they excited to visit Malaysia in future. Thank you everyone for coming, especially to our Event Director Azwin Aksan for the amazing work! Saya bangga jadi anak Malaysia!


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